The Dan News


Due to the success of this website, Dan Mullins has  now achieved celebrity

status.He is often seen rubbing shoulders with likes of Kate Moss,

Dean Gaffney and Edwin Collins. Elton John told a journalist last year that

without Dan's friendship,help and support,through a rocky patch with

husband David Furnish,His marriage  would have been over.

On this page we document some of the things that Dan Mullins has

been up to. Enjoy!


Dan had the honour this year to work with the world

        famous comedian Jimmy Kranky in the west

                 end musical "Just the two of us".



Dan has recently appeared on hit show 'Stars in your eyes' as legend

Rod Stewart.Dan's performance was so spot on that even Rod's

attending wife (Rachel Hunter) accidentally slept with Dan three

times backstage mistaking him for her husband.How they laughed!