The Dan Mullins competition page



You are automatically entered into our competition by sending

in your Dan Mullins lookalike pictures.On the 1st of every month

a panel of judges from all 4 corners of the earth will decide

the best lookalike picture.Winners will be notified via email and will

also appear on this page. 


  • Please do not enter if you are................ 
  • Under the age of 18
  • Taking prescribed drugs for hemorrhoids
  • Hold criminal convictions for scrumping apple's
  • Thinking about joining a religious cult
  • A fan of Emerdale

          GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            MR STEVE CUNNEW.....ROMFORD 

                                       WELL DONE!!

              TV star Jimmy Nail and the real Dan Mullins presenting

                     Winner Steve Cunnew With his prizes

Steve has won.......

  • 3 pots of Dan Jam
  • Dan Mullins 30 bit shoe horn set
  • 3 day holiday in Basildon
  • certificate saying he is a winner in very neat hand writing
  • A pint with Jimmy Nail
  • A Dan Mullins deck chair and wind breaker set



Please keep on sending in your pictures!! You too Might win some

great prizes!!!!!  Rumours have it that the next month's prizes

include a date with Dan Mullins to a turkish bath...GOOD LUCK!!