the Dan Mullins gift shop


              Here you can buy some amazing Dan Mullins gifts

              that cannot be bought any where else in the world

                      Please note all Dan Mullins products are made from recycled materials 

                 and even though are made in a sweat shop in taiwan we have supplied

                            all the kids under 12 in the factory with sweat bands.


Dan mullins bike wheel covers

These amazing wheel covers are available

in 4 sizes. small,med,large


To buy email .....morgybates@gmail.com



           Dan Jam 

Dan Jam is made from all natural fruits and

comes in three mouth watering flavours

Strawberry .  Blueberry .  orange

only..£10.00 per jar +pp

To buy

Please email.......



        Dan mullins

     Electric blanket 

Great quality 3 heat level electric blanket

only...... £250.00+pp

To buy email 



   The Dan mullins dog 


Ultra durable dog lead tested by NASA


To buy email ...